Value Proposition

MAV Value Proposition

emotive content that

creates a unique discovery experience,

helps companies to connect better to consumers,

provides improved insights

and enables people to see the world as a global community

Vision Statement
…integrating what matters into everyday life…
Mission Statement
…there are two worlds, one centered in the visual space of TV
and the emotional world in our minds and experiences…
 We mix them
and monetize each platform cohesively…
How Are You Tackling The Tough Challenges Of?…
Corporate Social Responsibility
Creating Socially & Emotionally Engaging Content
Consumer Apathy
Creating Alternate ROI Streams
And more…

The Solution is MAV!

A Scalable, Customizable, Cohesive, Geographically Independent, Long-Term Approach!

A Disruptive, Innovative Business Model

About Us

Where We Are Going...How It Involves You

MAV (Making A Village) – Overview

…from Our “Communal Thought Process”, Making A Village (MAV Global), chronicles the endeavors of urban community developers who are socially responsible in revitalizing their neighborhoods.  Revitalizing our cities is more than just renovating houses – it’s about rebuilding our communities. Many are committed, but the journey to transformation is a long and winding road with many twists and turns…

These are our stories…

MAV (Making A Village) – The Show

…is a cornerstone network TV property, from MAV Global is constructed as a home improvement show that features recording artists, entertainers, athletes, political figures, authors and entrepreneurs .  Viewers watch the inner workings and the daily drama of the construction business and the dynamics of completing a project on scope, time, budget, through personality clashes, community economic problems, and other unforeseen development issues that may arrive. Each week features a different part of the design and build phase leading up to the big reveal at the end of the season.  This will culminate in a block party where Music Artists (or some combination of Guests) will perform in honor of the communities coming together.  In the midst of the season the Music Artist(s) will be included to give input or to help assist in the design or build phase.  What is the objective?  To have them learn something new about the Artist which has never been revealed.  The show follows a minimum of 3 different community developers through their daily lives as they attempt to renovate their prospective communities and give back in a big way…

Please join us…

MAV Reality TV Show

MAV Reality TV Show

MAV (Making A Village) – The Brand

Our Design

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