Root Of It All (Part 2)

Root Of It All (Part 2)

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Root Of It All (Part 2)

Root Of It All (Part 2 )


Where Did I Leave Off?


Unicorn Infographic

Unicorn Infographic

…there seems to be another common thread among Jay Z, Troy Carter and Ryan Leslie that is beyond Ben Horowitz & company and that’s their relationship with Sweden. Yup, Sweden, apparently they are known for more than just furniture at Ikea, go figure!  Maybe they are the The Root Of It All?

A few Sweden Fun facts that I came across…

  • Swedish capital produces the highest number of so-called “unicorns” per capita than any other global city, second only to Beijing
  • Sweden has developed a human, social, educational and corporate infrastructure that supports start-ups-which means less politics, a more stabile economy, a neutral country, business friendly laws and top notch schools are a norm for citizens.
  • The Swedish work-life balance is integrated into the culture, with the tradition of all Swedes taking a multi-week vacation over the summer. – which means they uphold higher quality of life.


So why am I talking about Sweden and how does the country relate to Jay Z, Troy Carter and Ryan Leslie? Simple, Jay Z-bought Tidal in Sweden.  Spotify / Troy Carter headquarters, Sweden.  Ryan Leslie mainly tours in Sweden/Swiss countries primarily.  Coincidence that these random but not so random moguls chose to establish in Sweden? nah, I don’t think so.


“Illegal activity controls my black symphony

orchestrated like it happened incidentally

oh, there I go, from a man to memory

damn, I wonder if my fam will remember me” – Tariq Trotter


…And remember me they will, as my team and I are building the MAV brand.  It that incorporates social responsibility, a communal thought process as a philosophy, while being sustainable and profitable.  Making a Village is technology, entertainment and culture, I know a lot of people claim the same, but we can back it up.  We currently have a VR/MR technology app, which is in early stage prototype creation that can provide solutions to potential partners like MLB with diversity problems or NBA with a more global reach

Our technology is called…



(Human Enhanced Intelligent Design Interface)

While the design looks cool, the technology platform behind it is complex and AI based

HEIDI learns about YOU and YOUR world…to make it better


You can hear more about MAV and HEIDI here




Our plans are to talk directly with Anomaly CMO, Eric Damassa or Franke Rodriguez CEO & Partner Anomaly, NYC & Toronto about creating a solution for MLB and with Anomaly’s Production Team for online and network broadcast TV content and useful technology.  We’d also would like to connect our targets in Sweden with Spelman College students to continue build and develop the front end of the application. 

 The Swedish targets we have in mind is Paradox Interactive and Avalanche Studios.  Why these companies?  They are both considered top dogs in the tech/gaming world, both have compatible corporate philosophies, and thirdly are amazingly smart companies that we’d love to work with.


MAV Branding Tech Entertainment Culture

MAV Branding with Tech Entertainment & Culture


Invest In Customer Relationships


So, corporations tend to think that they can rent out or buy into their customer’s experience without investing into the relationship for that customer – this was the thought that I mentioned that I’d come back to.  How we think of things, people, places and even a company’s products and services is how we view the relationship either directly or indirect, as in my case, I know neither Jay, Troy, or Ryan personally, BUT there is connection to each of them and for me the root of my connections were all positive – favorable even.  So there isn’t a surprise that although I consider myself a Neo Soul fan that I am too a Jay Z fan, or because my mentor who was also my first investor and believed in me – likened me to Troy Carter, or the fact that I am not only a supporter of my sisters music and her opinions of who she likes that I also like Ryan Leslie.  This is what companies for some reason don’t get or understand-they lose it in TRANSLATION, I wonder why Jay decided to call his marketing company that? hmm… Having said that, who do you think is most likely in my top 5 dope MC’s?  If you guessed Tariq Trotter from the Roots, then you’d be correct!


…but sorry no constellation prizes here…



Stay tuned, more to come…

For inquiries, please contact Making A Village at

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