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Wayne C. Smith
MAV Media/MAV Tech
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MAV Tech and Urbanchirp explore the world of technology through an application that benefits Social Impact initiatives!

Wilmington, DE: MAV Tech is partnering with Urbanchirp in the development of a software application that uses Ai, cognitive behavioral therapy and gamification.  This will benefit the Educational, Healthcare and Criminal Justice domains by analyzing and tracking human behaviors and their decisions while filtering the data and providing reports.  The services provided by the software application are Talent Assessment, Behavioral Analysis and Decision Tracking.  Eventually, with the help of artificial intelligence, the Decision tracking feature will expand and become predictive in nature.  The home of MAV Tech, where the software is being developed, is located at 501 Silverside Road, Suite #27, Wilmington, DE 19809.

The Meeting of Minds

Urbanchirp began operation in 2011, soon finding its niche specializing in Web Development and Design.  Consequently, the opportunity was presented to its owner, Gerald Hearne to become a Founder, build and contribute to an innovative software application.  Needless to say, he accepted.  MAV Tech and Urbanchirp formed a creative team comprised of Justin D. Northington, Gerald Hearne and Wayne C. Smith.  After brainstorming, they came up with a highly visual and intuitive software application that will put the player in touch with themselves through decision making while playing an application.

How Does It Work?  Where Can It Go?

 The “secret sauce” of the application is code-named HEIDI – Human Enhanced Intelligent Design Interface.  The application interface is made to be playable much like a video game. HEIDI’s concept is to extend its use beyond the gaming world. HEIDI will eventually reach deeply into the fields of Education, Healthcare and Criminal Justice. This applications provides a way to utilize data to its best advantage by using artificial intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy.

MAV Tech – It’s History and Fast Facts

 MAV Tech is a start-up technology company located in the cities of Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE.  Software development of the two applications takes place in Wilmington, DE.  Some additional fast facts about MAV Tech:

  • Founded in October 2017 by Justin D. Northington, Gerald Hearne and Wayne C. Smith
  • Focuses on incorporating Ai into a multi-player application using cognitive behavioral integration to track behaviors, decisions, & outcomes
  • Our vision is for HEIDI to interact with your data, but primarily within our application
  • We are minority-owned & founded with initial seed funding, while seeking venture capital injection

More can be learned by visiting https://MAV.Global

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